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    ACTIVITIES & CLUBS Anchor Club Sponsors: Mrs.Lambert Band Director: Anthony Denaro Associate Band Director: Phillip Michanowicz Visit the Band Booster Website for more detailed student and parent information. Black Student Union Sponsor: TBD Choir Sponsor: Mr. Peay ​ Creative Writing Sponsor: Mrs Penunuri ​ Meets Wednesday and Friday mornings at 8:15. Students gather to share ideas, work on creative writing projects, and get writing help if requested. FCA - Fellowship of Christian Athletes Sponsor: Coach K. Smith ​ Fellowship of student-athletes who desire to encourage and be encouraged each week in their Christian walk. First Priority Sponsor: Mrs. Taylor ​ ​ Interact Club Sponsor: TBA ​ Community service club, sponsored by Rotary Club of Pace. Participate in fun, meaningful service projects while developing leadership skills and meeting new friends. National Honor Societ (NHS) Sponsor: Mr. Raggard ​ Must be a junior or senior, have 3.5 GPA and enrolled in at least 2 Honors or above classes. Fee is $20/year. Attend one meeting a month and participate in community service activities. Three meetings are offered each month (in conjunction with Beta). Odyssey of the Mind Sponsor: Ms. Clark ​ Odyssey of the Mind is a creative thinking program, where students with a diverse range of interests and strengths work together, thinking “outside the box” to solve problems. The team will participate in a regional competition in February, with the state competition in April. Patriot Wildlife Conservation Club (PWCC) Sponsor: TBD ​ ​ Mission is to educate people about all types of wildlife and remove the stigma about wildlife that many people fear. Potential field trips include zoo, beach clean-up, wildlife centers, etc. Spanish Honor Society Sponsor: Mrs. Ramirez ​ ​ Students must have completed at least 3 semesters of Spanish and have a 3.0 GPA. They can join and be inducted to club Spring of Spanish II. Students will earn service hours through the Spanish Department. Theater Sponsor: Mrs Valerie Wright WPHS Sponsor: Mrs. Cassevah Congratulations to the 22/23 WPHS Members! Asian Student Union Sponsors: Mrs. Kim The Asian Student Union (ASU) is here to promote Asian culture through our biweekly meetings on our PHS campus and community service events. Our goal is to connect students who are interested in Asian culture, provide a place to share our personal experiences, discuss current topics centered around the Asian community, and learn to give back with our talents and resources. ASU is open to all students here at PHS. BETA Club Sponsors: Mrs. White Ms. Early Chess Sponsor TBD ​ Wednesday 3:30 to 4:30. Color Guard Director: Rebecca Belveal ​ ​ Dungeons & Dragons Sponsor: Mrs Penunuri ​ Meets Thursday mornings at 8:00. Learn to play D&D, create characters, participate in one-shot missions, breakout rooms, and more. Film Sponsor: Ms. Cassevah ​ Students interested in any aspects of filmmaking are welcome. No experience required, and you do not have to be enrolled in WPHS. Meets at 8:15 on Tuesdays in Rm. 25. GSA Gay Straight Alliance Sponsor: Mrs. Schlenker ​ Open to any student in the LGBTQ+ community or those wanting to be an ally for those in the community. NAHS National Art Honor Society Sponsor: Mrs. Tracey ​ Must have 3.0 GPA and be enrolled in a higher-level art course. Fee: $20, which includes a t-shirt. Meet once/month and work at 3 events each term. Current activities include teacher posters, art shows, clay or art nights, and a large-scale drawing for PHS students to color in. NJROTC Navy Junior ROTC Sponsor: 1st Sgt. John Baker, USMC (Ret.) and Commander Patrick Vegeler . ​ ​ Patriot Ambassadors Sponsor: TBD ​ ​ Meets the first Tuesday of each month at 8:30. Students will serve as tour guides and welcome new students to Pace. Applications may be obtained outside Rm. 34, and students will be trained on how to be an Ambassador before conducting tours. Robotics Club Sponsor: Mr. Mallernee ​ ​ Robotics consists of different teams that work together and compete against other high schools. Meetings held Tuesdays and Thursdays at both 8:00-9:00 and 3:30-4:30 (come to both or just one). This club is only active in the Fall, leading up to a competition in late October. SGA Student Government Association Sponsor: Mrs Claudia Cassevah Congratulations to the 22/23 SGA members! Tri-M Music Honor Society Must be sophomore or above; maintain 3.0 GPA; have 2 years of membership (can include current year) in either auditioned choral ensemble, Wind Ensemble, or Symphonic Band; and participate in music or performance outside of normally scheduled school ensembles. Yearbook (Liberator) Sponsor: Mrs. Williams and Mrs. Cumbie . Preferred Name Request Form New YB Student Application Returning YB Student Application

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    PACE HIGH STAFF Departments ADMIN | CAREER & TECHNICAL | ENGLISH LANGUAGE ARTS | ESE, ESOL, GIFTED | GUIDANCE | FINE & PERFORMING ARTS | MATHEMATICS | MEDIA CENTER | NAVAL SCIENCE | OFF CAMPUS | PHYSICAL EDUCATION | SCIENCE | SOCIAL STUDIES | SUPPORT | WORLD LANGUAGE Administration Stephen Shell Principal Amie Filbert Assistant Principal Student Services Joey Goodwin Assistant Principal Facilities Dustin Gray Assistant Principal Guidance John Adams Dean Football Coach Aaron Munoz Dean Career & Technical Monica Bondurant Career & Technical DIT Claudia Cassevah SGA/ITV Robert Karl Career & Technical Joy Owens Cullinary Alysia Pippin Career & Technical English Language Arts Lisa Taylor ELA Department Head Jerad Dampson ELA Jennifer Addison ELA Heather Brooks ELA Denise Early ELA Katherine Harrington ELA Melissa Hutcherson ELA Deanna Jackson ELA Cheer Coach Rosali Penunuri ELA Samantha Ray ELA Susan Sayle ELA Stephany Schlenker ELA Ava Sturgeon ELA Abby White ELA Melissa Williams ELA Yearbook Sponsor ESE, ESOL & GIFTED Chris Abbuhl ESE AdamsLinda ESE Yvette Bullock ESE CartwrightK ESE CumbieS ESE Girls Track, JV Baseball, Asst. Football. George Herndon ESE Shannon Kyser ESE Rita Morgan ESE Suzie Norton ESE Maegan Smith ESE Kay Stinson ESE Rosalee Very ESE Jeff Witt ESE Ashley Wood ESE Tamra Zanca ESE Kirti Colvin ESOL Cynthia Allman Paraprofessional IIW Leah Billings Paraprofessional IW Rebekah Dittmann Paraprofessional IW Diane Evans Paraprofessional Allison Flanigan Paraprofessional IW Judy Hamm Teachers Assistant Daniel Mallernee Paraprofessional Christine Miley Paraprofessional IIW Zoe Shore Paraprofessional IW Craig Whitfield Paraprofessional Jordan Wheelus Paraprofessional Emma Willis Paraprofessional Melissa Winters Paraprofessional Administration GUIDANCE AshfordJ Guidance Counselor Surname MO-SC Kathleen Carroll Guidance Counselor Surname A-C Jenna Hughes Guidance Counselor Surname SE-Z KellyD Guidance Counselor Surname D-HI Sherri Nowell Guidance Counselor Surname HO-MI Kathy Cunningham Guidance Assessment Assistant Heather McLean Paraprofessional HollandM Guidance Secretary Kim McDonald Data Clerk FINE & PERFORMING ARTS Anthony Denaro Band Director Natacha Duval 2D Art Phil Michanowicz Assistant Band Director David Peay Performing Arts Kathleen Tracey Art Nationally Certified SRC Middle & High Arts Coordinator Valerie Wright Theater Director Girls Cross Country Head Coach MATHEMATICS Kevin Holland Math Department Head Rick Carroll Math JV Boys Soccer Head Coach Jennifer Cumbie Math Assistant Boys Track Coach Reva Dear Math Cathy Denny Math Robyn Dunn Math Jon Fillingim Math David Godwin Math Casey Johnson Keith Kirchharr Math JV Head Baseball & Boys Golf Coach Pam Moore Math Jennifer Otts Math Chris Raggard Math Head Flag Football Coach Houston Ramsay Math Head Boys Basketball Coach MEDIA CENTER Celene Sessions Library Media Specialist NAVAL SCIENCE John Baker ROTC Patrick Vegeler ROTC OFF CAMPUS COACHES Reggie Allen Head Wrestling Joseph Brabham 9th Grade Head Girls Basketball Chandler Castleman Head Girls Varsity Soccer Brad Filbert Baseball Coach Brian Hill 9th Grade Head Football Mario Lugo Assistant Wrestling Cody Trimm Head Volleyball Tailer Preston JV Head Girls Basketball Patrick Riley Assistant Flag Football Nick Williamson Girls JV Soccer Amy Wolfenden Boys Swim PHYSICAL EDUCATION Charlie Warner Athletic Director Tim Dillashaw Physcial Education Softball Coach Jason McBride Physical Education Head Baseball Coach Carl Pippin Physical Education Jules Pitts Physical Education Boys Track &Football Coach Kent Smith Physical Education Head Football & Assistant Boys Weightlifting Coach Alexis Worrell Physical Education Girls Golf & Softball SCIENCE Katherine Byers Department Head Chemistry Girls Swim Coach Josh Brooks Marine Biology Greg Gill BioTech & Girls Basketball Head Coach Kelsey Jordan Science Chasity Jernigan Biology Cheer Coach Jenifer Lambert Science Wesley Meiss Science parnell,s Science Meg Quina Science Matthew Wood Science Volleyball & Softball Coach Jack Waddell Science SOCIAL STUDIES Stephanie Jernigan-Watson Department Head James Atchison Social Studies Meagan Blevins Social Studies Volleyball Coach Kurt Chism Social Studies Kay Dawson Social Studies Cheer Coach Scott Denny Social Studies Cross Country Coach Bill Jernigan Social Studies Assistant Football Coach Aaron Reynolds Social Studies Jim Sessions Social Studies Vance Smith Social Studies Assistant Football, Girls Basketball Mary Wise Social Studies Assistant Girls Weightlifting Coach Ty Wise Social Studies Head Boys & Girls Weightlifting Coach Assistant Football Coach SUPPORT Reshana Bennett Paraprofessional Sheila Davis Paraprofessional Bridget Head Principal's Secretary Sarah Hess Tech Contact MiddletonB Resource Officer Assistant 9th Grade Football Coach Betty Parkerson Discipline Secretary Tiffany Santiago Paraprofessional Kristen Smith ISS Reeder Smith Sharon Solomon Course Recovery through Edgenuity Marcia Stephens Paraprofessional Anne Welling Athletics Secretary Helen Whitfield Bookkeeper WORLD LANGUAGE Maggie Ramirez Department Head Beth Cunningham Spanish Enrique Eligio Spanish Softball Coach Alejandra Kim Spanish

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    GUIDANCE Dustin Gray Assistant Principal Guidance Jenny Ashford Guidance Counselor Surname MO-SC Kathleen Carroll Guidance Counselor Surname A-C Jenna Hughes Guidance Counselor Surname SE-Z Dee Kelly Guidance Counselor Surname D-HI Sherri Nowell Guidance Counselor Surname HO-MI Kathy Cunningham Guidance Assessment Assistant Heather McLean Paraprofessional Monique Holland Guidance Secretary Kim McDonald Data Clerk REGISTRATION, WITHDRAWALS, AND TRANSCRIPTS ​Registration Documents: 9th Grade Registration Form 10th-12th Grade Registration Form 21-22 PHS Curriculum Guide 24 Credit Checklist Pathway to Locklin ​ ​Student Withdrawals: Contact Pace High School at (850) 995-3600, ext. 4172 for information and steps to withdraw your student. Students may not contact the school and withdraw themselves. ​ Transcripts: Transcripts for current students are available from guidance. First two copies are free of charge Former students transcripts are available through ​ ​ FORMER STUDENT TRANSCRIPT REQUESTS ADVANCED PLACEMENT & DUAL ENROLLMENT Dual Enrollment: Are you interested in taking Dual Enrollment classes? Please take note of the following: View classes at . You must have the courses, section #’s, day/time written down before you make an appointment with your counselor. You must have a 3.0 GPA, at least 3 high school credits, and qualifying scores on the PERT, ACT, or SAT. We will begin registration for next year’s classes soon, and you must be qualified for DE classes before you can register for any Dual Enrollment course. All PERT testing will be done by appointment only at PSC. Referrals are available in the Guidance office. When you pick up your referral in Guidance, there will be instructions on how to schedule your appt. at PSC. AP/Dual Enrollment Presentation Dual Enrollment Contract National Merit CPT Study Guide ​ ​ ASSESSMENT (CEEB Code 101-319) Testing Calendar ACT, SAT & PSAT BEST Standards Waivers EOC, FSA & FCAT COMMUNITY SERVICE Service Hours Log BEYOND PACE HIGH Bright Futures Colleges Scholarships & Financial Aid TUTORING BIOLOGY Before School, 8:45 to 9:05, daily: Ms. Jordan - Rm 506 ​ ENGLISH Tues & Thurs 3:35-4:35pm Mrs Sayle in Rm 609 ​ Before School, 8:45 to 9:05, daily: English 1 - Ms. Harrington - Rm. 161 English 2 - Ms. Addison - Rm 607 ​ ESE Tues & Thurs Mrs. Wood in Rm 505 ​ MATH Wed, Thur, Fri After School Mrs. Cumbie in Rm 209. ​ Before School, 8:45 to 9:05, daily: Algebra - Ms. Otts - Rm 201 Geometry - Ms. Dear - Rm 71 ​ SPANISH Spanish I - Tues with Coach Eligio Rm 72 Spanish II & Above - Wednesdays with Mrs Ramirez Rm 153 ​ SOCIAL STUDIES Room 58 ​ US HISTORY Before School, 8:45 to 9:05, daily: Mrs. Wise - Rm 56 ​ ONLINE TUTORING AVAILBLE:

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    Scholarships/Financial Aid ​ Scholarships: Pace High Guidance Scholarships (Updated 3May2022) PSC (Pensacola State College) Scholarships 22/23 UWF Army ROTC Scholarships UWF Scholarships Military Connected Student Scholarships Scholarships from Next Magazine Choosing a college, college admissions, career guidance, choosing a major, financial aid- Students requesting financial aid should complete the FAFSA form as soon as possible to obtain federal aid. The parents' and student's tax information is needed to complete application. Students can use the forms available in guidance or go to . Scholarship Search Engines: NCAA Clearinghouse Largest Scholarship Database on the Web College Resource Network Military Scholar Minority Scholarships Financial Aid: Financial Aid Presentation 2020-21 Financial Aid Reference Guide Bright Futures Initial Eligibility FAFSA Application For any questions/assistance regarding the FAFSA call Robin Giacin at Pensacola State College-- 850-484-4455.Free services to parents even if your student is not attending Pensacola State College. Federal Student Aid Colleges, College Scholarships, and Financial Aid Financial Aid Go College

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    Colleges Admission Information for Florida State Universities Economic Security Report (summary) Economic Security Report (full) ​ ​ FastWeb College Search Guide To College Admissions Admissions to Florida College and Universities Big Future – Collegeboard Florida College System CollegeGrad's Career Information Florida Shines College Planning Free Resume Templates School Guide Florida Next Magazine University of West Florida United States Air Force Academy United States Coast Guard Academy US Military Academy United States Naval Academy

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    STUDENT SERVICES Amie Filbert Assistant Principal Student Services John Adams Dean Aaron Munoz Dean Brian Middleton Resource Officer Reshana Bennett Paraprofessional Sheila Davis Paraprofessional Betty Parkerson Discipline Secretary Marcia Stephens Paraprofessional Important Resources SRC Code of Conduct SRC COC in Spanish Parking Application Student Handbook Student AUP ​ ​ ​ ​ Student Use of the School Telephone There is a student phone accessible to all students and is located in the Student Services office. This phone may be used before school, after school, during lunch, and between classes. ​ Student Use of the School Computers Student Acceptable Use Policy 2020-21 (AUP) for Internet use at school SRO Newsletter The Agenda Planner and Student ID The planner and student ID are integral parts of the daily activities at Pace High School. Students are expected to have both every block of every school day. We ask parents and students to be familiar with the contents of the planner. We further suggest that parents check the planner on a regular basis for grades, classroom activities and homework, and teacher messages. The replacement cost of a planner is $5, and the replacement of an ID is $5. ​ Student Services FAX 850-995-3635 Attendance Regular school attendance is critical to a student’s academic success, and it is an important aspect of our commitment as a school to lifelong learning. With that in mind the Pace High School administration and faculty emphasizes the importance of regular attendance and punctuality through our Perfect Attendance Award Program. Students who complete the entire year “perfectly” will be honored with membership in the 180 club. At the conclusion of the year our 180 club members are treated to a special off campus lunch with the Principal and the a great raffle which includes such prizes as a yearbook, homecoming and prom tickets and a cash prize of up to $180.00. If a student misses more than 25 minutes of class, he or she is considered absent from that class.

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    PHS Welcomes Our Military Families Pace High School is proud to serve the many military families who work and live in our community. We are committed to providing support, resources, and enriching programs to enhance our students’ educational experiences and support their families. This webpage is designed to provide information to military families relocating to the area or with students already attending Pace High. Please visit our district military resources page for information relevant to all military families at Santa Rosa County District Schools. Military & Family Life Counselor (MFLC) Brochure for MFLC ​ The PHS MFLC can be reached at 850-375-7704. ​ Any family interested in using the MFLC services can fill out the consent form, found here. School Liaison Officer Families moving to or from the area are encouraged to contact the NAS Whiting Field School Liaison Officer (SLO) before registering. The SLO can also be an advocate for military families if any issues arise during the school year. The SLO, Dawn Kaunike, can be reached at or 850-665-6105 or 850-736-0338. ​ Brochure for SLO There are many scholarships available to children of both Active Duty and Veterans, especially if the parent has any level of VA disability rating. Scholarship Opportunities for Military Kids For more information CLICK HERE Helpful Links Information on the rights of military students who transfer between states. Free tutoring available 24/7 & test prep for SAT/ACT for military kids. Click here for a helpful guide. Offering a multitude of resources for military families. Free counseling is available, as well as articles, information, and resources for typical transitions that come with military life. Providing a place for kids to connect with others who have had similar experiences, whether it’s deployment, moving, or other military-related events.

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    Information/Forms for Parents School Cafeteria Food Service Menu - View food service website for menu and meal prices Free and Reduced Online Meal Application Student Health Click here for information on how to avoid mosquito borne illnesses. School Health Program Parent Letter Flu Precautions & Guidelines Respiratory Illness Fact Sheet Child Abuse: Look for the Signs - Reporting Child Abuse FL Dept. of Children & Family - Reporting Child Abuse Required Student Mental/Emotional Health Training (Suite 360) County Information Santa Rosa Department of High Schools Santa Rosa County Schools Operational Documents : In an effort to reduce printing costs, the Santa Rosa County School District now posts documents including the Code of Student Conduct online. Get Involved Focus for Parents Instructions to check your Parent Portal Look at the very top of this page for the Owl icon. Click on the owl to login in. Use your username and password that you created to log in. At the bottom of the first screen highlight the Grades tab. There you will see the grades listed. By clicking on the subject, you will be able to view the grade. Once you click the grade under the grades column, you will be directed to the Grades (Assignments) page. At the top, you can navigate through all the classes that your student is enrolled in during the semester. Scroll down and the Assignments are listed. For Your Information State Information The Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) requires that school districts provide parents with an annual state, district, and school status reports to include but not limited to the following: student achievement, accountability and subgroup data. Florida’s EDStats tool provides a robust data reporting portal that FDOE will use to provide information to parents and the public about the performance of subgroups in the school grades system and for many other performance metrics ( ). In addition, the FDOE uses data to produce readily accessible school and district report cards, providing transparent information to all stakeholders. The district report card specifically reports on progress toward transitioning students from one level (elementary, middle, high) to the next and also reports graduation data. ( ). Pace High is dedicated to provide students with a superb education. If you have any questions about the data in the reports, please contact Dustin Gray, Assistant Principal of Guidance and Instruction, at (850) 995-3600 or email at . Thank you again for your willingness to participate in your student’s life and academics. ​ Florida's Economic Security Report School Public Accountability Report (SPAR 2016 Economic Security Report (Summary) 2016 Economic Security Report (Full) BEST Standards Transition Information